Spa Edition Body Scrub

Spa Edition Body Scrub


Treat your skin to a deep and detoxifying cleanse with ECOCOCO’s Spa Edition Body Scrub infused with Essential Oils of Lime Oil, Orange Oil, Geranium Oil + Ylang Ylang Oil. 


Sea Salt + Coconut Oil + Essential Oils allows you to experience the relaxing sensation of a spa treatment in your own home while exfoliating and hydrating the skin.



  • Sea Salt will fight blemishes and remove dirt build up from your pores. It is high in antiseptic properties which can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation.
  • Organic Coconut Oil is extremely hydrating, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Orange, Lime + Geranium Essential Oil are high in antioxidants that reduce the signs of aging and promote regeneration of skin cells.
  • Ylang Ylang is great for balancing the skin and promoting regeneration of skin cells.


Size: 220g